Underfloor Heating

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We offer a full service from supply to installation, providing our clients with a finished level floor for the application of a covering of their choice.

Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conduction, radiation and convection. We provide full plan drawings of all underfloor heating pipe work that is installed along with a technical data specification of water volume flow rates etc. For the electrical system we work out the loading of each floor area and liaise with on-site electricians.

Underfloor heating works just as effectively in your whole house as it does in your conservatory. For further information, simply contact our expert team today and we’ll be happy to help.

We supply Underfloor Heating Systems to all areas throughout Chichester, Hunston, Siddlesham, Selsey, West Wittering, East Wittering, Itchenor, Fishbourne, Southbourne, Emsworth, Bognor Regis, Aldwick, Pagham, Bracklesham, and across a large area of the Chichester surrounding villages, our plumbers and Gas Safe professionals are on hand for a fast response to each and every call.


What is Underfloor Heating?

There are two kinds of underfloor heating. A dry system which uses electric coils or a wet system which pumps warm water through a maze of pipes under the floor. It is based on the oldest form of central heating which the Romans used to heat baths and buildings which which conforms to the basic principle that heat rises and therefore radiating warmth throughout the room.
Underfloor heating can be installed in solid or suspended floors and provides an easy controllable and even temperature all round a room. It offers more comfort at a lower temperature and can be more economical to run than a normal conventional heating system. The wet system is ideal for use with modern condensing boilers using low temperature hot water.

What are the benefits of Underfloor Heating?
There are many advantages for installing Underfloor heating. It provides room-by-room temperature control and is generally more economical to use leaving you with lower fuel bills. A normal or conventional heating system uses radiators which have to work harder for you to feel the effects of the warmth. They heat up the area immediately around them and then the heat is quickly dispersed upwards. Radiators therefore require a higher temperature to be more effective within the room its warming.

Underfloor heating works at a lower temperature and can be installed in just one room if you wish.

Which system is right for your home?

The are many products available on the market so it is advisable to contact us to discuss which system can be installed in your property to provide you with the desired comfort. Many factors must be taken into consideration such as the type of building you have, your current central heating system and the number of rooms you wish to use for underfloor heating.

Choosing between electric and hydronic underfloor heating
Modern underfloor heating systems are divided into wet (or "hydronic") and dry, or electric. Dry systems are generally simpler and they run on mains electricity, whereas wet systems use a loop of pipes carrying water and are connected to the boiler or another heat source.

Location will also impact on your choice
Your choice of system is affected by where it's going to go to. New build projects are well suited to wet systems as underfloor heating pipe is often embedded in new concrete floors, whereas the cables and mats that make up electric systems can be laid on top of the subfloor before being covered with whatever flooring has been chosen. With tiled floors, the cables will be sealed in tile adhesive. Wood and laminate flooring, vinyl and carpets can also be used with the system.

Help with choosing a system
If you are not sure which type is best suited to your project, contact us for advice on suitability of a chosen system and to discuss any remedial works which should take place before your installation commences.


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